• Why do I need a professional installation?

We ensure that we only use the best components and materials learned from years of experience. We also understand that your time is valuable and for a first timer this can be a complicated job.

  • Can you provide accessories such as cables if required?

Yes we can, we can provide you with whatever you need at internet prices, let your sales representative know when you make your appointment.

  • How do I schedule an installation?

Just call us on or email us on acceptance.

  • Can I schedule my installation for an eveneing/weekend?

You can but we will have to charge an hourly surcharge, prices on request.

  • What if i need to cancel an an installation?

As long as you cancel with 24 hours notice we can reschedule at no extra cost, with less notice there will be a cancellation fee of €30

  • Do I need to prepare anything for my installation?

For wireless network installations, you will need your user name and password ready for the installer. Other than that, just clear the area around the installation site as much as possible, and perhaps put the kettle on.

  • Could there be any additional charges?

At Step-A-Side Systems the price you see is the price you pay. However, in certain circumstances you will need a custom installation; in these instances we will discuss the options with you first before proceeding.

  • Is there someone I can talk to if I have any questions?

Sure just contact us here.

  • What is HDMI?

HDMI is the new standard for delivering high-definition video and audio to your components.

  • Can I use a floating shelf?

Whilst this idea is good in principle, in practice it is difficult to pull off. Firstly most components are at least 35cm deep once the cables have been plugged in at the back. At most floating shelves are 30cm deep and as such cannot cope with even a sky box, let alone an av receiver. Secondly, cables are rarely exactly the right length. This leaves piles of cables lying on an already overloaded shelf. Lastly,the way floating shelves attach to the wall do not allow for trunking to be placed between the shelf and the wall which again leaves mess. We recommend a simple floor-standing shelving unit, as this will make the installation look nicer and just as importantly allow easy access for future upgrades.

  • Can you install a wall mounted av unit?

These three or four shelf units are, in our opinion, not up to the job. Not only do they take twice as long to put up as a TV, they also look rubbish! This is mostly because they cannot deal with more than three or four good quality cables. With at least two cables coming from each component if not more, the units end up looking like a tangled mess. As such we recommend a simple floor-standing shelving unit, as this will make the installation look nicer and just as importantly allow easy access for future upgrades.

  • Warning about new samsung LED tvs

Please note that Samsung led tv is do not have a removable power source,it is hard-wired into the tv. This means that if you are considering mounting the tv far away from a power source, you will not be able to replace the TV power lead without voiding the warranty. Please bear this in mind when locating you tv.

  • Can you do in-wall cabling on a fireplace?

If you have an open fireplace with no fire then in wall cabling is possible but only if you use HD sources. This is because standard definition cables (i.e. scarts) are too large to fit through the brick work.