Free to air
What is Free to Air (FTA) TV?
No Bills – No Subscription – No Contract – Once off Payment

There are currently two ways to pick up Free to Air channels.

1) Through a terrestrial aerial – In the Republic of Ireland there are currently 4 channels available through an aerial:- RTE1, RTE2, TV3 and TG4. These channels are currently analog broadcasts which means you may not always receive a perfect picture. Upgrade work is currently underway to enable the broadcast of these channels in Digital, this means great picture quality but you will need to get a new digital set top box, for a one off payment. The current plan for digital terrestrial is to initially provide the current 4 Irish channels and eventually add up to 4 new channels free to air. Additional channels will be broadcast but through subscription services and will not be Free to Air.

2) Through a satellite dish – This is what is known as Free to Air satellite and there are over 100 channels available, the range includes all UK terrestrial channels a selection of News, Children’s, Movies and Music. More channels are being added to this system regularly as the broadcasters realise the potential of higher viewing figures. High Definition channels have already started to be broadcast Free to Air through satellite, currently BBC HD and ITV HD are available with more coming soon. (A High Definition receiver and HD Ready TV is required to view the HD broadcasts) Terminology: Free to Air, FTA & Freesat Free to Air, FTA and Freesat are commonly used phrases that describe channels which are transmitted without encryption. A Free to Air receiver can display those channels without the need of a subscription based viewing card.

Freesat is also a type of satellite receiver. Freesat branded Free to Air receivers include some value added options and services, these include a 7 Day Television Guide, Press Red interactive on some channels and Digital Text. Are you thinking of changing your subscription satellite for a FTA system? You can simply unplug your current receiver and plug in a FTA receiver. We have a large range of FTA receivers available through our website for self install.

With quick installation dates you could be watching over 100 channels within the next few days, including: all BBC’s, ITV’s, Channel 4’s and Channel FIVE. Alternatively we sell a range for Free to Air products from our website for self install.

Get Free to Air Satellite TV with 100+ Freesat Channels and no monthly bills including standard* installation and a Digital FTA Receiver. Installation within 2 Day from order date. Multiroom options available here!

NOTE: Irish Terrestrial TV Channel Information.

Irish terrestrial TV channels (RTE1, RTE2, TV3 and TG4) are not available on Free to Air Satellite.

Combine a terrestrial Aerial to get your local channels along side the Satellite channels.

NEWS: ‘FIVE’ has now joined FTA Satellite. ‘FIVE’ is the UK’s fifth terrestrial channel. The full line up of UK terrestrial channels are now available on FTA Satellite. (BBC, ITV / UTV, C4, FIVE)

Free to Air TV describes channels which are broadcast unencrypted making it possible to view these channels without paying a monthly subscription. A large choice of receivers are available as you are not tied down to a particular broadcasters equipment. The channel broadcasters choose not to encrypt their channels to broaden the amount of viewers they attract, this is either due to government legislation or to attract higher yields from advertising revenue. Receiving these channels is 100% legal. (A valid TV license is still required)